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‘Society diminishes the older generation when we should be honouring them! It’s great that you are celebrating these wise beautiful souls!’ Brenda Gilbert Co-founder BRON Studios

Women who are in their 70s, 80s and 90s today, have lived through and been part of some of the most pivotal moments in women’s social history. They were young and fearless at times of dramatic societal change, political upheaval and personal danger, as well as the births of movements that pushed forward the rights of women like never before. 


Fearless is a heartwarming and informative documentary that features six women aged between 78 and 90 who as young people left everything behind to start new lives far from home. All were part of the generation of people from British colonies invited to help rebuild the mother country after WWII. They came and thrived despite the tumultuous times and often hostile reception they received. Today, these pioneering women are almost invisible to a modern society. Until now, their voices haven’t been heard.


Fearless interweaves achieve footage from pivotal moments in recent history with the women’s memories and stories. These are the moments and movements that impacted women then and now. They include taking on traditional men’s work, the Notting Hill Uprising and fight for racial equality and, the workers’ rights changes forced by women like the Grunwick factory strikers.

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